The soul behind each Malamadre

Customising a motorcycle is creating art, and we take great pride in being the artists of your visions.

Your motorcycle created by us will be unique and no one in the word will have one the same. All our motorcycles are tailor-made and based on our individual but recognizable MalaMadre style.

  • Not just another motorcycle

    The MM style is well renowned for bringing not only custom motorcycles but unique looks, quality, reliability and dynamics to the motorcycle scene.

  • Payment

    Once the deal is closed a 70% payment upfront must be paid. The remaining 30% must be paid at delivery.

  • Design

    All our projects are preworked and designed in 3D. Renders are discussed with the customer for final approval prior to Project launch.

  • Manufacturers

    We have worked with all major manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, KTM, BMW and many others. We have used donors from 125cc all the way up to 1300cc. Our prices (including donor motorcycles) are on average around 6000 US$.

  • Shipping a MalaMadre outside Bali

    If you are wanting to build a bike with us, but you’re not based in Bali, the transport oscillates around US$ 2.000$ depending on final destination and import duties.

  • Different ways

    - You can deliver a donor motorcycle to us to start a project.

    - We can source a donor motorcycle for you and start a project.

    - You can acquire one of our stock builds.

    - You can jump on an ongoing project.