Custom Yamaha FAZER 600

Custom Yamaha FAZER 600

Finally after many months our first big bike project is done.

It has been a huge challenge in many ways. Multiple design options without being 100% sure about which direction to go, new incoming orders in-between, huge waiting times to get parts from abroad and innumerable small details have been the main factors that delayed this project.

We have designed and build for this bike, 3 tanks, 2 subframes, 2 Forks, 1 Monoshock, 2 seats….but we where never satisfied with results.

This motorcycle (see picture) is originally from 2002 and we bought in Surabaya Indonesia. The bike had 21000 Km but it needed a deep engine clean & setup.

The total time spent to build this bike (including all its versions) has been 180 days.

It’s been a while, but finally we can say that it’s our most beautiful design so far.

We hope u like the result as much as we do.

Custom Yamaha FAZER 600

We love simplicity and elegance, but we also love power and character. The goal for this design was to focus on simple and elegant lines on the frame, but making sure the powerful engine “hidden” under the original chassis, played a really prime roll on our built.

In our opinion the original built from Yamaha does not make justice to the amazing engine it contains, so our challenge was to give this “soft” Yamaha our character, simplicity and elegance.

Some details

  • Frame, sub-frame and engine block.
  • New Custom Tank, Frame and Paint
  • New paint Frame & Tank
  • Reposition of Footsteps and Gearbox
  • Tires Shinko 5.00 x 16””Front and Rear
  • TK JAPAN 16” Inch Rims
  • GSX R 1100 Upside down Fork
  • KOSO Digital Speedo meter
  • Exhaust repositioning & wrapping
  • Customization of Oil Box & Battery Cover’s
  • Custom LED Stop lamp & Xenon Front lamp
  • Custom Leather Seat with Doc. Pocket
  • Custom Handlebar & Yamaha Original Controls

I will just repost the comment of a dear friend and motorcycle fanatic @zubin_jaffer: “I think it’s the most beastly looking bike you have ever done…”

Enjoy the view, we will be enjoying the ride ☺!!!

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