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The Route


This route is based around an area of untouched beauty within Bali, with very little to no tourists. Winding roads take you from deserted black sand beaches to mountain villages. You can really tell why Bali is called the Island of the Gods. So, take your key and let this route show you the essence of Bali.

We recommend setting aside 2 days for this route, however, it probably could be achieved in one. No matter how long you choose to be away for, aim to leave Canggu at 6:45/7am to begin your journey! Of course, you can also change the route however you like. We fully encourage going and exploring off the beaten track and find some undiscovered places. This is an exquisite ride that we have put together, just be sure to make it your own adventure.

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About 20/30 minutes into the ride, after leaving the crowded roads of Canggu behind, you will find yourself riding on a narrow road through the middle of rice fields. The beauty of this little road and its surroundings sets the mark high for the rest of the route, but it only gets better from there.

After passing through several small coastal villages, you will start the descent to Pantai Kelecung, along a rocky track lined by palm trees. You finally see the beach and should go past the temple and drive along the small road until the end. You will come across a lifeguard building, where the lifeguard stands, playing his Bon Jovi and other various rock anthems from decades ago. Who knows who he is lifeguarding – there is no one to be found on the beach. He is super friendly though, of course. We think he may have the best job in Bali! This pristine black sand beach really captures what you believe Bali to be like. Enjoy it.

Due to the beach being so remote there are no warungs or shops there. However, the next stop on the route is only about 5 minutes away! You can stop at this little shop, owned by a motorbike enthusiast and all-round cool guy, and grab a snack or drink while you chat! Very shortly after leaving, you will find yourself crossing a suspension bridge. A little rickety and only wide enough to fit one bike at a time, it’s super interesting. This is also a great place to take some photos of you and your bike!

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We recommend then heading to Balian beach where there are several places to have some lunch whilst watching the surfers out at sea. After grabbing some food and soaking up the sun, it is time to head inland! Riding on meandering roads as the altitude climbs, you will come to Bunut Bolong Tree. An incredible 300-year-old tree splits across the road, and you literally drive through it. There is also somewhere to stop here and look out over the jungle, which spans until the eye can see.

The next leg of the journey to where you are going to be staying (or not, it’s up to you!) is probably the most heart-warming of the whole trip. Through the remote villages, children will be running after your bike waving and asking to take photos, old men wandering the streets will smile and you might even run into someone who wants to race you! The people could not be friendlier around here.

Take a stop at Abang Café for dinner and to watch the sunset over the rice fields and hills. Set up only 4 months ago, this place is made from entirely recycled materials. Their focus is on being eco-friendly, and sustainability is at the forefront of their ethos. There is also a large jungle attached to the cafe. It is flourishing – with pools, treehouses and all kinds of fruit that you can eat right from the tree! Budi and manager Micki will be more than excited and truly happy to meet you.

Villa Sangkih is somewhere we recommend staying, about 10 minutes from Abang Café, you will be greeted by an elderly couple who will give you the kindest welcome to their home and rooms. They may invite you to play Gamelan music with the locals who practise here, and you might even get invited to a service with them. You will feel truly at ease and peace here. The rooms are beautiful, in temple-like buildings, and at only 300,000 IDR a night, it’s a steal!

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After a good night’s sleep, it’s time to hit the road! The next stage of the route takes you up to heights of 1,300m along impressive mountain roads. The closer you get to Lake Tamblingan the more hairpins occupy the road – it really makes for a beautiful ride.

It’s only a 30-minute ride to Warung Terrasse Du Lac, a warung set high above the lake with unspoiled natural views over it. You can take some time and enjoy your breakfast/lunch here. They serve both really good international and local food.

After fuelling yourself up, it’s time to make a choice, or of course, you can do both! You can either head to a waterfall close by or take a little bit of a bigger stint and head to the Air Panas Angseri, further south, on the way back.

The Banyumala Twin Waterfalls are exquisite. Not as busy as other waterfalls in Bali, you can take a dip, or just simply admire the beauty of it. After leaving the waterfall and heading down towards Bedugul you can see the other Lake (Danau Buyan) to the right-hand side and there are several places to stop and admire the view.

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Air Panas Angseri is a local hot spring which you can make a stop at when heading south. There are little to no tourists here. You can play and soak in the natural hot spring baths. There are also several warungs within the hot spring area, with super cheap and good food! Nasi and Mie at prices such as 10,000 IDR!

The final leg of the journey will take you off the main road and bring you back to Canggu a quieter way, once again through picturesque rice fields and areas of the jungle.

Hopefully, you will return to Canggu filled up with a sense of peace and happiness, given to you not only the people you met along the way, but at the awesome ride you have just completed on a renowned custom motorbike.

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“Returning to Canggu filled up with a
sense of peace and happiness, given to
you not only the people you met along
the way, but at the awesome ride you
have just completed on a renowned
custom motorbike.”

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*Always wear a helmet while on a motorcycle,
all photos by Louis Lander Deacon, all words by Olivia Surtees for MM.

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We recommend the following Malamadre motorcycles for this particular route

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