This weekend we took part in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Bali. What an amazing adventure it was. The ride took us from the coastal lowlands of Canggu, all the way up to the high lake region of Bedugul. 150 riders started their engines at 9:30 am from the start point of Old Man’s in Batu Bolong and followed the designated course for the good cause of raising local awareness of Prostate Cancer.

The path lead the riders though the bustling town of Mengwai past its famous streets with stalls selling the hand made and woven, colorful decorations for the Balinese Hindu Temple offerings  up through terraced rice fields and tropical forests, leading to the climb to Bedugul and its renowned lakes and strawberry fields.

After a brief rest for lunch and a beer ( just one), the riders headed back down to home taking in the views of Bali’s two most famous landmarks , Mt Batur and Mt Agung, As they circled down the road taking in the steep views of Bali’s lush and green, green scenery, they could follow the horizon line all the way back to the coast with the Indian ocean with in eye shot.

In all, the ride took approx 5.5hrs including the 2hr stop for lunch. All the riders where back to home base, Old Man’s , by 3pm for the closing where the very favorite local favorites, Plaga Wine and Sailor Jerry’s were waiting with much welcomed refreshments. The sense of contentment and satisfaction that was visible on all the riders faces was surely due to the fact  of being part of a good cause and as well as the pure joy of the Art of the Ride.

Stay tuned as we will start a new series on our blog about the Joy of the Ride Bali.. Where we will map out for you our favorite Rt’s to drive here. We will highlight the unexpected and draw from our love of this island.

What better way to explore Bali. Ride a custom bike, ride with us, Malamadre Motorcycles.

Photo’s by: Heal by Photo,

2 thoughts on “The Joy of the Ride – A Glimpse at the DGR BaLi

  1. Your journey is inspiring. Just found your instagram shared by Motor Saint, open your website and read about you. After 21 years worked at bank and mining comp. I started joining my high school friend to run a custom motorcycle workshop as a hobby. I found paasion in building motorbikes. Your story encourage me to be a motorbuilder more seriously

    1. Dear Christo,

      I am truly sorry to answer u almost 1 year after you message, bust since i had a WEBMASTER administrating the contents of my web I never received it. I apologize for this.

      Thanks for your kind words. I am really proud of what we have achieved. I hope your passion is also now your lifestyle as well. Do u have a shop already? A name?

      Please let me know and contact me over Mail or Whatsapp both listed on the Website.

      All the best


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