Rent MalaMadre Custom Motorcycles Bali

I have always believed in Authenticity… even in the past when “due to script demands” I had to follow the defined multinational company rules…
I once read; “ a person is authentic when he/she speaks his/her truth and lives accordingly to those believes…”
If we sustain this theorem, then we can say that Bali is very authentic.

Bali is what it is and it offers what it offers. Bali is not artificial – it shows its strengths and also weaknesses bluntly. Bali does not hide. Everybody can experience the grandeur, serenity and magic of this wonderful place and suddenly 5 minutes later, 2 or 3 km north/south experience the chaos of crazy traffic, pollution, waste, animal Abuse, corruption and uncontrolled tourist partying…

We offer u the chance to discover the Reality of Bali riding unique custom Motorcycles, build with passion & high quality standards.

Our bikes are 100% Authentic, reliable and desirable.

Ride Authentic MalaMadre

Everybody can experience Bali on a bike, but only the authentic ones will do it riding a custom MalaMadre Motorcycle.

Are U authentic enough?

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