Whenever a guy rides by on a loud custom motorcycle, everyone thinks one thing – he has small… ‘equipment’.

But on September 24, 2017, over 250 riders took to the streets for the annual Gentleman’s Ride to support just that, mens ‘equipment’. This international event started in Sydney and raises awareness for mens prostate cancer and mental health. Which we all know are the two ‘brains’ that have to be screwed on right and checked regularly to make a perfect gentleman.

The gentleman behind the Bali chapter is Dirk Goetz, a former executive from VW and Ford. He came to Bali in 2014 to be with his wife and opened MalaMadre Motorcycles (please note that although the name means ‘Bad/Mad Mother’ his wife is an excellent one). In 3 years, the garage and shop have become a pillar in the Canggu community and abroad as representative of quality, style and classic dependable machinery. In a town full of vegan bloggers, another contributor factor to his success might have also been his accent from Bilboa, Spain which lured people into the store looking for jamón and tapas. We’ll never know for sure…but I want a bike.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a sight to see, the expats are an eclectic crew of international characters, artists, and delinquents. This group typically ‘turns up’ at places in their T’s and boardies, however, I don’t know what Dirk told them, but for this event they transformed into distinguished gentlemen.. it’s as if the Peaky Blinders crew found motorcycles and came to Bali. Lined up and showcasing their shiny customs, this ‘Malamadre Rat Pack’ unleashes on Old Man’s beach bar – each with their tweed jackets or suits, collared shirts, hipster suspenders, wirey mustaches, and SHOES! Shoes are definitely a rarity in Bali.

There is a rich culture in Indonesia of local bike makers who come and display their creativity and expertise. It brings about fascinating conversations and displays of (what I would call) ‘functional art’ – that’s not a manly enough term, but let’s be honest- I still drive a Vario…I WILL LEARN TO RIDE THIS YEAR!

From Old Man’s this swarm of dapper lads ride through the rice fields of Bali to Tu Jatalui. And after traveling the world for 3 years, there IS NOTHING like riding through the majestic rice fields of Bali on a custom bike. All the while turning heads since not one of them is wearing a sleeveless Bintang shirt and all are on beautiful bikes.

The day closes at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, where everyone unleashes and enjoys a Sunday session of live music and good times. Bali’s finest coming together for a good cause, it was definitely one for the books- and an event that should NOT be missed in 2018!

Bravo D!


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