Our brand was born an established in Bali, Indonesia in the Summer of 2015, out of the concept, emotional but also functional custom motorcycles. Everything started one day I decided to drive a real bike instead of a Scooter. I spent days exploring the Internet for inspiration, sketching and drawing possible designs. After a while I finally made up my mind.

I definitely wanted a Suzuki, modified to Brat style and with a Classic/Vintage look, but I also knew I wanted my very own brand. With Elo (my wife) and some friends we decided the name, designed the logo and created a claim. Half of the job was done, but the essence was missing…The First MM Motorcycle.

I sourced a Suzuki Thunder 250cc from 2002 with 20.000Km on it and created our very first Malamadre (MM1), at a very good friends garage. One day I was driving around the Island with the MM1 and stopped in a Supermarket to buy some goods. When I came out, a guy was staring at it. Amazed, he asked me who had built that bike; I did it myself… I responded…Wow!!! I love it, would u built one for me? Yes of course, I said…This is how we made our first customer, how MM5 came to life, and our adventure began. While we where building MM5 we got 2 more customer orders, and the Brand became more and more known in Bali.

The ear to mouth spread quick around the island and on social media we were gaining followers very quick. With all this facts on the table we finally decided to start our own MM Shop and Garage in September 2015. In our Headquarter in Canggu we are able to show our creations and receive our potential clients.


Malamadre means “bad mother” in Spanish and the name came out of the plant and the man. Malamadre is a unique wild plant (also known as Spider plant) that grows mainly in the deserts of Central America. It is a strong, elegant & robust wild plant that also has healing properties. Malamadre is the main character in a Spanish movie called Celda 211. He is passionate, intelligent, charismatic and a true bad ass.

All these characteristics conform our DNA. MM stands for Unique, Qualitative, Emotional, Innovative, Elegant, Functional and Reliable.


Since our establishment in 2015 we have customized approximately half a hundred motorcycles, and worked with the most renamed brands in the Industry like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, KTM and Kawasaki.

We have used motorcycles from 200cc to 1200cc, and already exported to various cities around the world like New York, Sidney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Belfast. Most recently we have launched our first motorcycle clothing collection The Essence 1.1 and we have opened a corner in Galleries Lafayette in Jakarta.

Dirk Goetz

During my already long life (41 years) and after many years wondering about what to do or become, (studied acting, business, … etc) I finished entering the automotive sector … way back in 1994.

My first experience was in a large company and great learning school: Ford Motor Company. After 6 wonderful years where I learned all kind of Sales techniques and mechanics, I signed up VW-Audi AG, where i was able to develop my skills and move up my career to various management positions internationally.

This lifestyle would have been a dream for many, but it was not for me. I never really felt 100% realized, maybe my pocket did,… but not my soul.

I am a maverick who gets bored quickly about things … as long as I do not feel passionate about them.   There are many things that I am passionate since I was a little boy…. like animals, aircraft, travel, blue color, the ocean, cars and good food …… Others, I became  passionate about when I met them, as films, surfing, tattoos, golf, and … Elo, my girl,my partner and the person who has given me everything.

She is my greatest passion.

As for the bikes, it was a was really a belated love …

My parents never let me have one, but I always remember riding on Vespinos secretly, and some larger bikes like TZR’s NSR’s that some of my friends had.

Since then, the truth is that passion for motorbikes was  always in my mind, but Sleepy, … and has reawakened now … almost 25 years  later, after the creation of Malamadre Motorcycles in Bali, Indonesia.

I left my entire life behind in Spain, I packed my bags and fulfilled the dream of many, make one of my passions, custom bikes, my  ultimate lifestyle.