Original look of the Brought Superior (BSS)


Once more we have scaled up one level since we finished this unique and challenging built. From the very beginning it was for us a blessing having the chance to build this bike for Pierre. We love Classics in all its forms and “Lawrence of Arabia“ is with no doubt in our “Best Movies of All Time” top ten List.

Pierre asked us to build him his childhood dream motorcycle. His directions where very clear: Do whatever u want on it but make me feel like Lawrence…. The total time spent to build this bike has been 120 days.

It has been though, but rewarding as always. We learned a lot during the transformation process and we are proud of the final product. We are sure Mr. Lawrence would also be. We hope u like the result as well. Enjoy the view.

Final Look of our Yamaha SCORPIO BSS Replica


Once we got our hands on the donor motorcycle and took off all the plastic, we discovered how much work needed to be done. Despite of the evident engine placement and design issues, we had to rework a complete new frame, build a new tank and change its position as well.

We had to build a complete new frame, and sub frame. We created a hard tail motorcycle out of a mono shock soft tail… (not bad no?). Finally we also created several parts, covers and tank in aluminum.

We designed a two-seater concept, comfortable, functional and practical for the daily use.

We also added side bags for longer rides as well as a confortable handlebar to create a unique riding experience.

This full transformation required a very close look to details.


  • Donor Motorcycle Yamaha Scorpio 225 cc

  • New Custom Frame, sub-frame

  • New Custom Aluminum Tank & Frame

  • Paint Frame & Polish Tank

  • Reposition of Footsteps

  • Tires Shinko E270 x 19” Front

  • Tires Shinko E270 19” Rear

  • New 19 TK JAPAN RIMS

  • Yamaha Scorpio Fork

  • Speedo Meter+Tacometer and Petrol Gauge

  • Custom Exhaust repositioning & wrapping

  • Customization of Oil Box & Battery Cover’s in Aluminum

  • Custom Classic Stop Lamp, Front lamp and Turnlights

  • Custom Leather Seat

  • Custom Hydraulic Seat Shock

  • Custom Handlebar & Yamaha Original Controls

  • Custom Handlebar



Your motorcycle will be unique and no one in the world will have it the same. All our jobs are tailor made, based on our unique and very recognizable MM Style. This makes the price in many cases higher than a new motorcycle of origin and you must wait to have it ready to ride an average of 2 months.

Most of our builds are inspired in classic, vintage motorcycles. We love motorcycles with soul and unique character.  MM builds are known for its unique looks, quality, reliability and dynamics.

If u are interested in building a Custom Motorcycle with us you can send us out this Form or visit our headquarters in Canggu, Bali.  All Projects are discussed and agreed between both parties. Once the deal is closed 60% payment up front must be paid. Remaining 40% must be paid at delivery,

If you want a drawing or Photoshop of your Project the cost will be 500 US$, and if a final agreement is signed it will be discounted from the final price.



Since we opened we have worked mainly with Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki motorcycles of 125 cc up to 1300 cc. We have also done Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, KTM and many more.

Our prices (including donor motorcycles) are in average around 5000 US$. These are general prices and based in our recent experience. Since every motorcycles is unique and personalized prices might change based on labor hours and parts used. For international build’s the transport oscillates between 1.000 US$ to 2.000$.

In order to get one of our bikes there are different options:

  • U deliver the donor motorcycle to us.
  • We source the donor motorcycle for you.
  • Acquire one of our stock builds.
  • Jump on an ongoing Project.

If you have any additional questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us.

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