The brand was born and established on the incredible island of Bali in the Summer of 2015. The concept of Malamadre started when Dirk Goetz decided to drive a real motorbike instead of a scooter around the island. He spent subsequent days exploring the internet for inspiration, sketching and drawing possible designs of motorcycles. After a while he finally made up his mind – he wanted to start modifying motorcycles and start his own brand.

With his wife, Elo, and some friends of theirs, they all decided on a name, designed a logo and created a brand! Half of the job was done, but the essence was missing… The First MM Motorcycle. Dirk managed to source a Suzuki Thunder 250cc from 2002 with 20.000km on it – he really wanted to modify it into a Brat style, with a classic and vintage look. So, he went and created the first Malamadre Motorcycle (MMl), at his close friend’s garage.

One day, he was riding on the MMI and stopped at a supermarket. When coming back to his bike, a man was staring at it. He started to say how amazed he was with the motorcycle, asked who built it and where he could get one from! So, Dirk, of course, said that he could also build one for him. This was the first MM customer.

From then on, the brand grew exponentially, from word of mouth to people just seeing the unique bikes out on the roads MM became a well-known and we-renowned custom motorcycle business, not only in Bali but worldwide.

With all the buzz around the brand, the MM Shop and Garage opened in September 2015. At the headquarters in Canggu, the custom motorcycle creations are constantly on display, and Dirk and MM family are there to receive you.


Since our establishment in 2015, we have customised nearly 150 motorcycles. We have worked with the most renowned brands in the Industry like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, KTM and Kawasaki. We have worked with motorcycles from 200cc to 1200cc and exported to various cities around the world like New York, Sidney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Belfast.

So far in 2019, every month we have been producing two custom motorcycles from our garage. We also now have 10 employees in the Malamadre family. The brand is also going international – with a franchise shop opening in Germany within the year.

Looking towards the future, we have our brains ticking about producing bikes that will be eco-friendlier, so watch this space.


The word Malamadre comes from both the world of plants and humans! Malamadre is a unique wild plant (also known as Spider plant) that grows mainly in the deserts of Central America. It is strong, elegant and robust, as well as having healing properties. In relation to humans, Malamadre translates as “bad mother” in Spanish! Malamadre is also the main character in a Spanish movie called Celda 211 – he is passionate, intelligent, charismatic and a true badass.

If you combine all the qualities that derive from the word, we believe that incorporates what Malamadre is and stands for. We are a unique, badass and strong brand that creates robust, charismatic bikes, that could almost have healing properties!

Dirk Goetz

After many years wondering what to do or what to become and after travelling through so many different walks of life (drama. business etc) | ended up entering the automotive sector, way back in 1994.

My first experience within this area was in a large company and great learning school:
Ford Motor Company. After 6 wonderful years, where I had learnt all kind of sales techniques and mechanics, I signed up to VW-Audi AG. Here I was able to develop my skills and move up in my career to various management positions, internationally.

Although I was unbelievably grateful and understood that this lifestyle would have been a dream for many, I realised it was not for me. I never really felt 100% fulfilled – maybe my pocket did, but not my soul.

I have been and will always be a maverick who gets bored quickly by things if I do not feel passionate about them. However, there are many things that I have been and still am passionate about, since being a little boy. Some of these passions included animals, aircraft, travel, blue colour, the ocean, cars and good food.

When it comes to other things in my life, I became passionate about when I met them. These include things such as films, surfing, tattoos, golf. However, the biggest passion of my life must be Elo. She is my girl, my partner and the person who has given me everything – including two beautiful children.
As for motorcycles, it was really a belated love …

My parents never let me have a motorcycle, but I always remember riding on Vespinos secretly, and some larger bikes like TZR’s and NSR’s that some of my friends had! Also, my favourite film of all time is the Great Escape, so I suppose maybe my passion for bikes was in the back of my mind, even when I didn’t fully realise it.

After being completely pushed away from motorcycles throughout most of my younger adult life, I was quickly reunited with them when I came to Bali. The only option around here is to ride- so did
So. after almost 25 vears not going near motorccles. I quickly had to incorporate
them in to my daily life. It was then that realised this love had been bushed down so
much within me, that by now it was raring to get out! The fiery passion I have for motorcycles was reignited, and this ultimately led to the creation of Malamadre, here in Bali.

I have always strongly believed that you can indeed manifest your own destiny, so this is exactly what I did! I left my entire life behind in Spain, packed my bags and fulfilled the dreams of many. I made one of my passions, creating custom
motorcvcles into my ultimate lifestyle.


After many years wondering what to do or what to become Elo ended up entering the aeronautic sector, as a flight attendand way back in 2006.

My first experience within this area was in a large company and great learning school:
After 10 wonderful years, where I had travelled all around the world, I was able to develop my skills and move up in my career.

I have been and still am a passionate person. Some of these passions included animals, travel, the ocean, good food and interior desgin.

When it comes to other things in my life, I became passionate about when I met them. These include things such as snowboarding, surfing, & tattoos.
As for motorcycles, it was really a belated love …

Now a days my biggest passion are our two beautiful Kids, Thiago and Maia.



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